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This 6.75 hour CE course* will review:

  • The importance of addressing the transverse dimension during orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • The ideal time period to address a transverse discrepancy.
  • The controversy surrounding interceptive/Phase I treatment, especially as it pertains to arch development.
  • The numerous patient benefits of well-timed, well-orchestrated interceptive treatment.
  • The different modalities of arch expansion.
  • Rapid maxillary expansion with traditional Hyrax-type “expanders” will be contrasted with slow maxillary expansion using braces and wires to develop the arches.
  • Multiple cases will be presented to demonstrate how minimally invasive, comfortable, efficient, and profitable interceptive treatment can resolve crowding, eliminate the need to extract premolars, increase patient self- confidence, and improve airway patency. Parent/patient testimonials will also be provided.

*DOC is a Certified CE Provider in the State of Florida


  • The primary educational objectives of this course are to:
    • Discuss the controversy surrounding interceptive/Phase I orthodontic treatment.
    • Review the literature as it pertains to the value of interceptive treatment to address crowding in the mixed dentition, as well as to contrast rapid maxillary expansion with slow expansion in preadolescent patients.
    • Demonstrate many of the shortcomings associated with performing RME in preadolescent patients.
    • Expose providers to an innovative, effective, and painless way to approach the interceptive treatment of their patients by placing full braces on the teeth of preadolescent patients during the mixed dentition.
  • Case studies will be presented to demonstrate and highlight the simplicity and efficacy of arch development with braces in the early-mid mixed dentition.
  • CBCT images will be used as evidence of true skeletal change, retention records will be shown to prove stability, and powerful patient and parent testimonials will be provided.


  • Course Cost: $645
  • CE Hours: 6.75
  • Original Release Date: January 23, 2023
  • Expiration Date: January 23, 2025
  • Refund/Cancellation Policy: No refunds – all course purchases are final.
  • Teaching Methods: Electronically Mediated Online Course


Michael K. DeLuke, DDS, MDS
Board Certified Orthodontist
President, DeLuke Orthodontics
Owner, DeLuke Orthodontic Coaching


DeLuke Orthodontic Coaching is a for-profit dental CE Provider

COURSE OUTLINE [Total Time: 6:45:16]

  • Opening
  • Background [1:08:44]
  • Expansion with “Expanders” [1:23:03]
  • Expansion with “Braces” [1:52:30]
  • Case Samples
    • Case 1 – [00:19:30]
    • Case 2 – [00:19:35]
    • Case 3 – [00:24:10]
    • Case 4 – [00:13:12]
    • Case 5 – [00:11:22]
    • Case 6 – [00:17.11]
    • Case 7 – [00:13:47]
    • Case 8 – [00:24:22]
  • Learning Assessment
  • References
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