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This 5 hour CE course* will review the diagnostic and treatment planning process for pre-adolescent patients, including:

  • Taking outstanding clinical photographs.
  • The value of low-dose CBCT images in the diagnosis and treatment planning process.
  • Performing a thorough and comprehensive clinical examination.
  • Evaluating hard and soft tissues on CBCT images, including the nasal passageways, sinuses, nasopharynx, oropharynx, adenoids and tonsils.
  • Using the aforementioned diagnostic information to formulate a treatment plan involving arch development with braces and wires.
  • Effectively communicating this diagnosis and treatment plan to the patient and parent(s) during the consultation.
  • Scripting for team members will also be provided to assist them with both understanding the process of Phase I archwire development with braces and effectively communicating it to patients and parents.

*DOC is a Certified CE Provider in the State of Florida


The primary educational objectives of this course are to:

  • Review the importance of diagnosing each patient and using the diagnostic information to develop an etiology-based treatment plan specific for that patient.
  • Explain why and how to educate your team regarding the benefits of Phase I archwire expansion.
  • Discuss the best way to obtain outstanding clinical photographs.
  • Review the history of 2D and 3D orthodontic imaging.
  • Explore the advantages of low-dose CBCT imaging as it relates to diagnosis, treatment planning, and the ability to make referrals to our medical colleagues.
  • Review the relevant anatomy and common pathology seen on pediatric CBCT images, especially as it pertains to airway.
  • Discuss the steps that should be taken by both the doctor and the TC during the consultation and formulation of the treatment plan.
  • Review how to present & explain archwire expansion to the patient/parent(s).
  • Describe the post-consultation steps that are required to complete the process.


  • Course Cost: $495
  • CE Hours: 5
  • Original Release Date: February 8, 2023
  • Expiration Date: February 8, 2025
  • Refund/Cancellation Policy: No refunds – all course purchases are final.
  • Teaching Methods: Electronically Mediated Online Course


Michael K. DeLuke, DDS, MDS
Board Certified Orthodontist
President, DeLuke Orthodontics
Owner, DeLuke Orthodontic Coaching


DeLuke Orthodontic Coaching is a for-profit dental CE Provider

COURSE OUTLINE [Total Time: 5:08:22]

  • Opening [00:07:12]
  • Outline & Background [00:13:47]
  • Getting Your Team on Board [00:11:23]
  • Diagnostic Records: Clinical Photographs [00:10:54]
  • Diagnostic Records: Radiographs
  • Intro & Cephalometrics [00:12:50]
  • CBCT – Background [00:40:45]
  • CBCT & Airway [1:18:47]
  • Consultation: Overview [00:44:33]
  • Consultation: Clinical & Radiographic Exam [00:30:14]
  • Consultation: What the Dr Reviews [00:09:14]
  • Consultation: What the TC Reviews [00:24:49]
  • Post-Exam Process [00:30:46]
  • References
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