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Home-care Instructions

Home-care Instructions

Phase I Arch Development Part III: The Bonding Process


SUMMARY OF COURSE CONTENTThis 4.5 hour CE course* will review the diagnostic and treatment planning process for pre-adolescent patients, including:

  • The literature regarding the concept of placing braces on primary teeth to assist with “developing the arches” as part of interceptive orthodontic treatment.
  • The effect that placing braces on deciduous teeth has on both the primary tooth and its permanent successor.
  • Effective behavior modification techniques to reliably and comfortably place full braces on 7–9-year-old patients.
  • The types of braces, bracket prescriptions, and wires that can be used to successfully and predictably develop the arches during interceptive treatment.
  • Bonding techniques to improve clinical efficacy, maximize bond strength, minimize bond failure, and greatly decrease the risk of enamel decalcification.
  • The importance of dis-occluding the arches at the initial bonding visit, including strategies for determining the size and location of bite ramps and turbos based upon the presenting malocclusion and treatment objectives.
  • Patient/parent testimonials discussing their experiences with full braces in Phase I will be provided.
*DOC is a Certified CE Provider in the State of Florida
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