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Phase I Arch Development Part II: Diagnosis & Treatment Planning



This 5 hour CE course* will review the diagnostic and treatment planning process for pre-adolescent patients, including:

  • Taking outstanding clinical photographs.
  • The value of low-dose CBCT images in the diagnosis and treatment planning process.
  • Performing a thorough and comprehensive clinical examination.
  • Evaluating hard and soft tissues on CBCT images, including the nasal passageways, sinuses, nasopharynx, oropharynx, adenoids and tonsils.
  • Using the aforementioned diagnostic information to formulate a treatment plan involving arch development with braces and wires.
  • Effectively communicating this diagnosis and treatment plan to the patient and parent(s) during the consultation.
  • Scripting for team members will also be provided to assist them with both understanding the process of Phase I archwire development with braces and effectively communicating it to patients and parents.
*DOC is a Certified CE Provider in the State of Florida
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