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Rapid palatal expansio n

Rapid palatal expansio n

Airway, Malocclusion, and Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment



This 4.25 hour CE course* will review the basic concepts of growth and development of the craniofacial complex and do a deeper dive into the following:

  • The evolution of malocclusion.
  • The relationship between airway and malocclusion.
  • The impact of airway and breathing on systemic health.
  • The various clinical and radiographic (including CBCT) indicators of airway obstruction and mouth breathing.
  • The impact of orthodontic treatment on pediatric airway.
A particular focus will be paid to the importance of diagnosing the etiology of the malocclusion (i.e. a transverse discrepancy caused by the underlying airway compromise) instead of simply treating the symptom (i.e. crowding).

Multiple cases will be presented to demonstrate how minimally invasive, comfortable, efficient and profitable interceptive treatment can improve airway patency, decrease snoring and mouth breathing, and increase patient self-confidence.  Parent/patient testimonials will be provided as well.

*DOC is a Certified CE Provider in the State of Florida
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