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Phase I Arch Development Part I: Expanders vs. Braces



This 6.75 hour CE course* will review:

  • The importance of addressing the transverse dimension during orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • The ideal time period to address a transverse discrepancy.
  • The controversy surrounding interceptive/Phase I treatment, especially as it pertains to arch development.
  • The numerous patient benefits of well-timed, well-orchestrated interceptive treatment.
  • The different modalities of arch expansion.
  • Rapid maxillary expansion with traditional Hyrax-type “expanders” will be contrasted with slow maxillary expansion using braces and wires to develop the arches.
  • Multiple cases will be presented to demonstrate how minimally invasive, comfortable, efficient, and profitable interceptive treatment can resolve crowding, eliminate the need to extract premolars, increase patient self- confidence, and improve airway patency. Parent/patient testimonials will also be provided.
*DOC is a Certified CE Provider in the State of Florida
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