Sounds like hyperbole, right?  What if I told you that I direct bond ALL 6’s and we haven’t fit a band to a tooth in my office since 2014?  We don’t even keep bands on stock in the office!  That’s right!  And we almost never see a bracket debond or break off a first molar.  The only time I ever use bands is on a Herbst Appliance or RPE and I just have the lab fit them to the 3D print of the digital scan.

There are SO MANY advantages of not using bands:

  • No seps!
  • No emergency calls and/or re-sep appointments when seps fall out prior to the banding/bonding appointment!
  • No seps getting wedged down below the contact point making it almost impossible to band the tooth due to the gingival inflammation and bleeding!
  • No patient discomfort!
  • No emergency calls for food caught under bands!
  • No impaction of 7’s on bands!
  • No training your CA’s how to fit bands!
  • No loose bands!
  • No risk of decals under loose bands!
  • Superior clinical efficiency – fewer visits!
  • Patients can chew gum and eat popcorn!
  • You can customize bracket location to optimize derotation and stolarization.

How is that possible, you ask?  There are 3 big keys to the success of this approach:

  1. Outstanding adaptation of the bracket to the buccal surface of the molar.
  2. Increasing the bonding surface area by using large pads on the Mandibular 6’s.
  3. Using a quality bonding agent and adhesive (I use GoTo paste and Assure, respectively).

This is SUCH A GAME CHANGER!  Once you try it, you won’t go back to bands!  Trust me, your patients and your team will thank you!!!